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This order form is a informational exchange only.  No credit card or financial info is required on this form.  Within 24-48 hours a Motowoz representative will contact you to collect your 50% down payment.  The outstanding 50% will be collected 2 days before the order is shipped.  Standard order times on custom orders are 3-4 weeks. This lead time can vary with the type of build or your requirements.

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Motowoz shocks are built with the finest materials, seals and lubricants, so have your shocks serviced at regular intervals to keep them working at their best. Every time a Motowoz shock is brought back in for service, that same care that went into building your shock originally, goes into the service of your shock. When using Motowoz factory service, you are notified of all applicable updates available to your shocks as well.


Things to ask yourself when having someone other than an approved Motowoz service center rebuild your shocks.


- Are they familiar with Motowoz shocks?

- Are they familiar with how to update Motowoz shocks?

- Do they have genuine Motowoz seals on the shelf?

- Are they using a lubricant approved by Motowoz to keep the damping and performance the same?

- Are they familiar with how to properly service a Motowoz shock?


BEFORE having another business open up your shocks, please ask if they are an approved service center. Failure to do so can have MAJOR consequences and Motowoz will not be held responsible for this. If you have service questions, contact info@motowoz.com.


How to send your shocks into Motowoz for service:

1. Clean your shocks thoroughly or additional charges may apply.

2. Download Motowoz service form here and fill out completely. Be sure to include all your contact info. Printable Service Sheet

3. Package your shocks safely and individually wrap each shock. We are not held liable for anything that happens to your shocks while in transit to us.


Ship to:   MOTOWOZ service center

               13941 Lincoln St. NE  # 200

                 Ham Lake, MN 55304


SERVICE CHARGES (Includes new HVI oil, seals and nitrogen charge)


1.75 body shocks start at $68.00.

2.00 body shocks start at $78.00.

2.75 body shocks start at $84.00.


If you need the following parts replaced on your shocks, you will be charged additional.


Bearing                          $15.00

Bump stop                    $16.00

1.75 spring guide         $15.00

2.00 spring guide         $20.00

Bearing hardware        $4.00 (individual piece)




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