Motowoz has been producing world class shock absorbers for over a decade. We have won countless  championships in  MX, GNCC, TT and desert.  All championships have produced thousands of fast laps and hundreds of race wins.  Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured on site in our Minneapolis, Minnesota facility. Carrying out all of these processes in house allows us to rapidly design and test new products keeping us in the forefront of the industry.









The performance and adjust-ability of Motowoz shocks separates us from the pack. Racers need a shock that is durable, reliable and smooth with quick adjust-ability for today’s high performance machines. Motowoz shocks for racing quads gives you the rider the ultimate in adjust-ability.


Our advantage is a highly innovative manufacturing plant where we can customize our technology to the rider, if needed. Unlike any other shock producers, we have the ability to rapidly test new designs within days of conception to give the racer every advantage possible. Each rider’s height, weight, riding style and other factors vary, so the racer’s shocks should be manipulated to correspond to these changing dynamics in order to produce peak racing results.

Recognized as the best mini shock on the market, Motowoz equipped ATV’s have notched more MX championships over the last few years than any other brand.  Those championships are great, but all we are trying to do is produce the best mini quad shock available. Our mini line is constantly under development and changing to meet the needs of the sport.


Every year we have released updates striving to stay on top of the sport. Our design is the most adjustable mini shock on the market and is finished off with our best in the business custom set-up. This is most crucial when keeping your rider safe.  This is not an area to cut corners on, which we have not done and neither should you.

The performance and adjust-ability of Motowoz utility quad shocks separate us from the pack. Riders need a shock that is durable, reliable and smooth with quick adjust-ability for today’s high performance machines. Motowoz shocks for utility quads give you the rider the ultimate in ride quality.  We currently have shock packages available for the Can Am Outlander,Renegade, Honda 700XX, Kawasaki Brute Force and Suzuki King Quad.


Features and options:

 - Piggyback top caps

 - Dual rate spring when applicable

 - High performance barrel type springs

 - Oversized 5/8 diameter shafts

 - Compression adjustment

 - Rebound adjustment


Motowoz offers several features that any Harley rider can appreciate.  These options will separate you from the pack. If you are serious about your performance, Motowoz truly has the only shock you would choose.


Our rear twin shocks use technology only used in racing.  Each and every Harley shock absorber has a built in hydraulic top-out spring. This gives the rider the ultimate safety and stability feature. Top-out springs have been used by the superbike racing community for a long time and we felt the road market could benefit from this technology. They can have huge dynamic effects when the bike is destabilized under uneven road conditions where the rear shock tries to extend quickly. This can make things very uncontrollable for the rider. Our hydraulic top out spring slows down and softens the shock top out to help make things controllable. Another function of the top out spring is to assist in heavy breaking keeping you in control once again.


The Motowoz P-ZERO 2nd spring option.  We use this spring simply for the purposes of lowering the ride height. The second spring with virtually no spring rate keeps constant tension the main spring.  This allows the user lower the rider height of your Harley without the spring tension coming loose on your main spring.


A third option available on Motowoz Harley shocks is the use of a high travel barrel spring.  This allows the use of a shorter spring that has fewer coils than others manufactures, it’s also lighter and have a very distinctive aggressive look.  For more info email us at info@motowoz.com






We are known for our championship winning ATV shocks. We figured is was time to produce a winning line of snowmobile shocks.  We have several Arctic Cat and Polaris applications available.  Our snow shocks come the dual rate springs and our industry exclusive ASP (adjustable spring progression).  Any serious rider can grow to appreciate the rapid adjustment of our ASP.  Our snow line also comes standard with with our "smart" adjuster.


This is our compression adjuster that self modulates the high speed shaft movements and allows you to adjust the damping of the slower shaft movements. Our snowmobile shock line would not be complete without a broad range rebound adjuster. With all these performance and adjust-ability features,  Motowoz shocks separates you from the pack. Riders need a shock that is durable, reliable and smooth with quick adjust-ability for today’s high performance machines. Motowoz shocks for sleds gives you the rider the ultimate in adjust-ability.

Motowoz has been producing side x side shocks for several years using much of the same technology that has landed us over 60 championships and hundreds ATV moto wins. Lately we have also been producing shocks for some OEM manufactures as well.  Our current after market application include much the popular Polaris RZR models. For info on what we have available for you please email us at info@motowoz.com



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